Makarounas is a newly established family winery located in Letymbou village, on the west coast of Cyprus, which carries the viticultural history of four generations. Letymbou is in the area of the “vine-villages”, as they are called by the locals, exactly because the region is associated with a long tradition in vine growing. We strongly embrace the belief that good wine is made in the vineyard; thus particular attention is paid to the notion of terroir. 



The vineyards cover at the moment 28 hectares of land and they are located at  an altitude of 400-600 m; they are influenced by the warm Mediterranean climate and the considerable rainfall (620 mm / year, on average). The surrounding hills, the crystal gypsum, limestone and quartz rich soils, together with the uninterrupted exposure to the winds of the valley, modify  the local mesoclimate. Our winery has the privilege of being the only winery in Cyprus that sources grapes solely from privately owned vineyards. The production is currently 75.000 bottles per year. The fact that the quality of the fruit is completely under the control of our winery, allows for the production of terroir driven wines of high distinctiveness and personality. 


Our winery aims to produce wines of ample power, but no excess weight. Wines which have high drinkability index and focus mainly on the indigenous grape varieties of Cyprus.


All our vines are ungrafted and organically grown.


Planted varieties




Xynisteri, Morokanella, Spourtiko, Vasilissa, Promara.




Maratheftiko, Yiannoudi, Lefkada.